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About Us

ATLGUNLOCK was created out of the necessity to bring awareness to gun owners about safekeeping firearms in their vehicles. Guns being stolen from vehicles is quickly becoming the #1 crime in cities like Atlanta, Nashville, and Jacksonville. Each year, over 1,000 guns are stolen from vehicles, and the public isn’t made aware of this growing problem.

ATLGUNLOCK is protecting citizens’ valuables and dangerous items one portable safe at a time. In most cases, criminals break into vehicles hoping the owner left a gun inside of the vehicle. By making the owner aware of this growing trend, hopefully our organization can help reduce crimes perpetrated with stolen guns. Criminals steal law-abiding citizens’ guns, only to commit more criminal acts on the public. In 2015, a criminal recently released from prison killed a contract worker/victim in Atlanta, Georgia. The suspect broke into the contract worker’s pickup truck and killed the victim by using the victim’s own gun that he had just stolen. Leaving your firearm in your vehicle (glove compartment, under the seat and center console) unsecured is no longer a safe practice. Please do not fall victim to this awful scheme. At ATLGUNLOCK we rent and sell portable safes. Let ATLGUNLOCK help you store your firearm safely in your vehicle, without possibly instigating a crime or risking lives. As always, practice safe handling of firearms at all times. Every gun owner should be familiar with Georgia’s deadly force code, section 16-3-21. So, the next time you’re in Downtown Atlanta, stop by 168 Luckie St. We’re located in front of the Ferris wheel. Our portable safe can fit a laptop, firearm and other valuables. We also offer a $5 special for securing most firearms in your vehicle. We also offer laser gun simulators for hourly rental. These laser guns simulators do not use live ammo. The laser gun simulators can be used for marksmanship practice, entertainment, or to familiarize people who have never held a gun before.


ATLGUNLOCK also offers self-defense insurance. We offer three affordable plans for individual or family. It’s doesn’t matter if your a gun owner or someone who’s protecting themselves with any kind of weapon. We protect you while you protect your family.

self Defense Insurance

Contact Us

If you’re having a family reunion, bachelor party, business event, or just want to practice your marksmanship, email us for a quote at atlgunlock@gmail.com – or call us at 404-382-7763. You can also check out our app, ATLSAFE!